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Audley Square Books, is publishing its first books in 2009. We are a new publishing company dedicated to publishing both fiction and non-fiction.

We are publishing books for adults and children.

All those involved in the company are professional historians who have careers working in different but related academic fields.

We are an internet and mail order based company. We sell direct to the public and we will supply only a small number of retailers. 

If you are a novelist and looking for a publisher please see our “Contact Us” page for details of how to submit your work to us. We offer a standard contract. We will pay you. We are not a vanity publisher.

We specialize in the following -

  • fiction and non-fiction in translation
  • modern historical fiction 
  • new novels for adults and children
  • holocaust diaries
  • reprints of Jewish fiction
  • reprints of fiction for children, teenagers and adults.
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